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Everyone deserves to live in safe, nuturing homes where they can feel valued and loved.



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A single parent means they are the primary caregivers and know what their families need most to succeed. Our programs are designed in true partnership with the single parents, encouraging them to participate in defining benefits and services for their children.

We Believe in Strong Families.

Your donations go beyond distributing material goods and empowers families to become self-sufficient. Families—those with both parents in the home and those headed by one parent or a guardian—are the pillars of a strong, supportive community.

The Leadership Team

Denise Henton

Denise Henton

President & CEO

Becoming a single mother made Denise realize she was unable to do everything and most importantly realized it was ok to ask for help. Denise also, grew up as a child in a household of alcohol and physical abuse until her mother stopped being a victim and became a survivor of Domestic Violence.